(A)   Court costs payable to the city through the Mayor's Court, or paid through the Mayor's Court, are hereby increased to $30 per cited offense, of which $10 is designated as an additional fee charged pursuant to R.C. §§ 1907.24(B)(1), 1905.02, and 5705.12 to be used for the acquisition of land and/or rehabilitation of an existing facility to house the Silverton Mayor's Court, the acquisition of equipment for such court, or the hiring and training of personnel.
   (B)   All pay out citations paid through the Mayor’s Court Clerk’s office or Police Department, whether for criminal, traffic (both moving and non-moving violations), and other cited offenses shall have a cost assessed in the amount of $10 to each citation as Mayor’s Court costs for computerization and legal research services pursuant to R.C. § 1901.261.
   (C)   The Mayor’s Court Clerk is authorized to establish a special fund for the deposit of all funds collected for computerization and to be disbursed subject to appropriation by the Council for any costs associated with the computerization and legal research associated with the Mayor’s Court.
   (D)   These expenditures shall include but not be limited to the purchase or lease of computer software programs, computer hardware, computer space and furnishings, printers, subscription to computer services, maintenance and staff costs to operate the computer system including fringe benefits and training costs, and the necessary supplies, equipment, accessories, and maintenance for the operation of the system.
(Ord. 2912, passed 10-17-96; Am. Ord. 05-3200, passed 9-20-05)