The City Manager shall revoke any permit issued pursuant to the provisions of this subchapter if he shall find that the permitee has:
   (A)   Violated the provisions of this subchapter;
   (B)   Made any material misstatement in his application;
   (C)   Failed to include in the inventory required by the provisions of this subchapter all the goods, wares, and merchandise being offered for sale;
   (D)   Offered or permitted to be offered at the sale any goods, wares, or merchandise not included in the inventory attached to the application;
   (E)   Failed to keep suitable records of the sale; or
   (F)   Made or permitted to be made any false or misleading statements or representations in advertising the sale, or in dispensing, ticketing, or pricing goods, wares, or merchandise offered for sale.
('91 Code § 113.24)  (Ord. 1996-1957, passed 6-12-57)