(A)   The Parks, Art, Culture, and Tree Committee shall consist of an odd number of members, having no fewer than five and no more than nine members. At least one member of the Committee shall be a member of Council. Additionally, the Village Manager may serve as an ex-officio member of the Committee.
   (B)   Members of the Committee shall be appointed by Council.
   (C)   Members of the Committee shall elect at its first meeting in every odd number year:
      (1)   A member to serve as chairperson, who shall preside over all meetings of the Committee and act as parliamentarian.
      (2)   A member to serve as vice chairperson, who shall assume the duties of the chairperson in the event the chairperson is absent or resigns.
      (3)   A member to serve as secretary, who shall maintain a record of Committee proceedings.
      (4)   All officers shall be elected by a simple majority of those Committee members attending the first meeting of the odd number year.
   (D)   Any monies raised by or donated to the Committee shall be the property of the Village of Silverton and. may be disbursed pursuant to all applicable laws and procedures governing Silverton expenditures.
   (E)   Appointments to the Committee shall be for four-year terms, provided that an even number of members of the Committee which represent just under 50% of the total number of committee members appointed in 2017 shall serve for two-year terms, and starting in 2019, these positions shall be for four-year terms.
   (F)   The Committee members shall serve without compensation.
   (G)   Any Committee member who misses three consecutive meetings more than 50% of the regular meetings on an annual basis without the absence being excused shall be removed from the Committee.
   (H)   Should a vacancy exist, Council may appoint a replacement to serve the duration of the term of the Committee member who is no longer serving. Council may also leave the seat vacant, even should this mean having an even number of seats on the Committee.
(Ord. 17-3539, passed 1-19-17)