§ 153.400  PURPOSE.
   (A)   It is the purpose and intent of this mixed-use district to permit and encourage the orderly, cooperative and flexible development and expansion of certain medical, office, retail and residential land uses in a planned environment. It is further the intent of this district:
      (1)   To insure compatible relationships between land use activities;
      (2)   To insure the compatible orientation of one building to another in regard to building bulk, architecture and open space;
      (3)   To provide for visually pleasing and functional treatment of open areas;
      (4)   To provide for an efficient and safe circulation system for pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles;
      (5)   To provide adequate and flexible parking space for immediate and future needs;
      (6)   To insure that signs are adequate, but properly controlled to prevent them from detracting from the appearance of the development;
      (7)   To encourage cooperation among individual owners, and/or developers to achieve the above listed objectives;
      (8)   To permit flexibility of design in the placement and use of buildings and open spaces, circulation facilities and off-street parking areas, and to more efficiently utilize potentials of site characterized by special features of geography, topography, size or shape; and
      (9)   To provide flexibility in the application of certain provisions of this Zoning Code.
   (B)   Because of the special characteristics of a planned mixed-use unit district, special provisions governing the development of land for this purpose are required. Whenever there is a conflict or difference between the provisions of this subchapter and those of other subchapters in this chapter, the provisions of this subchapter shall prevail for the development of land for planned mixed use district developments.
(Ord. 15-3490, passed 12-10-15)