(A)   Applicants with facilities in the right-of-way shall restore property affected by construction, repair, maintenance installation, demolition or upgrade of facilities to a condition that is equal to or better than the most recent specification of the city public infrastructure standards as provided for in the Subdivision Regulations.
   (B)   Restoration must be to the reasonable satisfaction of the city. The restoration shall include, but not be limited to:
      (1)   Yard improvements within the right-of-way shall be restored to as close to original conditions as feasible.  This includes but is not limited to features such as landscaping, rock features, lamp posts, retaining walls, mailboxes, fences and irrigation components;
      (2)   Installation of all manholes and hand holes as required;
      (3)   All bore pits, pot holes, trenches or any other excavations shall be backfilled daily unless other safety requirements are approved by the city;
      (4)   Street and sidewalk repair that conforms with the Subdivision Regulations or other standards adopted by City Council;
      (5)   Leveling of all trenches;
      (6)   Restoration of any excavation site to city's specifications; and
      (7)   Restoration of all landscaping ground cover and sprinkler systems.
   (C)   All layout stakes shall be removed during the cleanup process by the applicant at the completion of the work.
   (D)   Restoration shall be made in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the city. If restoration is not satisfactory or not performed in a timely manner, then all of right-of-way applicant's work in progress, (except for that work related to the problem), shall be halted and no other permit will be approved until all restoration is complete. The hold on right-of-way applicant's work will include work previously permitted but not complete.
(Ord. 10-3322, passed 6-17-10) Penalty, see § 53.99