Any applicant of the public right-of-way permit shall properly install, repair, upgrade and maintain facilities. Facilities shall be considered to be improperly installed, repaired or upgraded when any one or more of the following occurs:
   (A)   The installation, repair, upgrade or maintenance endangers public health, safety or welfare.
   (B)   The facilities encroach upon private property or extend outside the right-of-way location as approved on the public right-of-way permit.
   (C)   The facilities do not meet the applicable state, federal, or local laws.
   (D)   The facilities are not capable of being located or maintained using standard practices.
   (E)   The facilities are placed in an area that interferes with another right-of-way user's facilities.  Nothing in this section shall diminish the authority of the city to require specific placement of specific lines.
   (F)   All work performed within the city right-of-way shall be in accordance with the current Ohio Department of Transportation standards unless otherwise provided herein.
(Ord. 10-3322, passed 6-17-10)