(A)   General requirements.  Signs shall be externally illuminated only by steady, stationary, shielded light sources directed solely at the sign, except for signs located in the C-2 Highway Commercial District, which may be externally lit as expressly approved by the Planning Commission.
   (B)   Non-glare, shielded lighting.  Use of glaring, unshielded or undiffused lights or bulbs shall be prohibited.  Lights shall be shielded so as not to project onto adjoining properties or thoroughfares.
   (C)   Traffic hazards.  Sign illumination that could distract motorists or otherwise create a traffic hazard shall be prohibited.
   (D)   Bare bulb illumination.  Illumination by bare bulbs or flames is prohibited.
   (E)   Intensity.  Illumination resulting from all signs and sign lighting on any property in a non-residential zoning district shall not exceed one-half foot candles at a height of five feet when measured at any point on property in a residential zoning district or at any point on any road right-of-way.
   (F)   Light direction and orientation.  All permitted external lights illuminating signs shall be oriented and directed toward the ground. Sign lights in the C-2 Highway Commercial District may be exempt from this provision if expressly approved by the Planning Commission.
   (G)   Electronic LED (monochrome text and multi-color) signs.  Signs utilizing a light-emitting diode display (LED) or other technology that allows the sign to display a series of images shall be permitted subject to the following standards set forth below.
      (1)   LED sign must be at least 250 away from the nearest residential dwelling.
      (2)   Monochrome text LED sign lettering shall be amber and no other color.
      (3)   Flashing light(s) are prohibited on monochrome text LED signs.
      (4)   Animations and video are prohibited on LED signs.
      (5)   A message must be displayed for a minimum duration of eight seconds before switching to the next message.
      (6)   The LED sign should be programmed to "freeze" or go blank if there is a malfunction, so that flashing and other distracting movement does not result.
      (7)   The permitted square footage and setbacks shall be in compliance with permitted number, height, area, and location as outlined in § 153.249.
      (8)   All LED signs shall be anti-glare and shall be equipped with an automatic dimmer device.
      (9)   No LED sign shall utilize colored or neon lights that can be used in a location or manner in which they might be confused with traffic control devices or vehicular traffic.
      (10)   An LED sign shall not face any residentially zoned property (R-1, R-2).
      (11)   All LED signs shall be kept in good operating condition and maintained with good external appearance.
      (12)   No third-party off-site advertising shall be permitted on the LED signs.
      (13)   The LED signs shall not exceed 1000 nits in luminance during the evening hours.
(Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09; Am. Ord. 11-3334, passed 2-17-11)