(A)   The provisions of this section shall apply to industrial planned unit developments that include permitted or conditionally permitted uses within a C-2 underlying zoning district. The Planning Commission may elect to apply some or all of the standards set for § 153.137 if it is determined the proposed project requires the incorporation of certain commercial planned unit development standards.
   (B)   Arrangements of industrial uses.
      (1)   Planned unit development of industrial establishments is encouraged by varying the setback and other requirements if it can be shown that the development results in a more effective and desirable use of land.
      (2)   Industrial uses and parcels shall be developed in park-like surroundings utilizing landscaping and existing woodlands as buffers to screen lighting, parking areas, loading areas or docks, and/or outdoor storage of raw materials or products. A planned industrial area shall provide for the harmony of buildings and a compact grouping in order to economize in the provision of such utility services as are required. Thoroughfares shall be kept to a minimum throughout a planned industrial area in order to reduce through traffic.
      (3)   Minimum project side yards of 40 feet and a minimum rear yard of 50 feet shall be required if the project is abutting any residential zoning district or existing residential land use. All intervening spaces between the right-of-way line and project building line and intervening spaces between buildings, drives, parking areas, and improved areas shall be landscaped with trees and plantings and properly maintained at all times.
(Ord. 2732, passed 5-19-94; Am. Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09)