§ 153.130  PURPOSE.
   (A)   It shall be the policy of the city to promote progressive development of land and construction thereon by encouraging planned unit developments to achieve one or more of the following:
      (1)   A maximum choice of living environments by allowing a variety of housing and building types and permitting a reduction in lot dimensions, yards, building setbacks and area requirements;
      (2)   A more useful pattern of open space and recreation areas as part of the project, more convenience in the location of accessory commercial uses and services;
      (3)   A development pattern which preserves and utilizes natural topography and geologic features, scenic vistas, trees and other vegetation, and prevents the disruption of natural drainage patterns;
      (4)   A more efficient use of land than is generally achieved through conventional development resulting in substantial savings through shorter utilities and streets; or
      (5)   A development pattern in harmony with land use density, transportation facilities and community facilities.
   (B)   The city is also prepared to accept a greater population density in undeveloped areas than that reflected by present zoning, provided the developer can demonstrate that any increment of public cost clearly attributable to increased densities will be compensated for by the private amenities and public benefits to be achieved by the plan of development.
   (C)   Because of the special characteristics of planned unit developments, special provisions governing the development of land for this purpose are required. Whenever there is a conflict or difference between the provisions of this subchapter and those of other subchapters in this chapter, the provisions of this subchapter shall prevail for the development of land for planned unit developments.
(Ord. 2732, passed 5-19-94; Am. Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09)