(A)   Architectural standards.  All new principal and accessory structures permitted in this zoning district should be designed to conform to the following architectural standards in order to achieve a uniform and well planned community appearance.
      (1)   Vary the planes of the exterior walls. Walls shall not run in one direction for more than 50 feet without an offset.
      (2)   Vary the height of buildings so that they appear to be divided into distinct massing elements.
      (3)   Articulate the different parts of a buildings' exterior by use of color and material changes, trim accents, window placement and other facade elements.
      (4)   All building faces shall receive architectural treatment, not just the street face of the building. Walls and roof lines should have varied planes.
      (5)   Rooflines should not run in a continuous plane for more than 50 feet without off-setting or jogging the roof plane.
      (6)    All roof-mounted equipment shall be screened from public view by materials similar to those used on the principal structure.  Mechanical equipment should be located below the highest vertical element of the building. Rooftop solar panels may be visible from public view provided the connections securing the solar panels to the rooftop are approved by the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
      (7)   Where appropriate, the use of awnings are encouraged. Awning color and form should be consistent.  Plexiglas, metal and glossy vinyl awning are prohibited, while canvas, fabric, and matte finish vinyl awnings are encouraged.
      (8)   The use of standardized corporate architectural styles associated with chain restaurants and stores is discouraged. Effort should be made to integrate the building design into the established architectural context of the surrounding neighborhood and the city as a whole.
      (9)   Glass windows shall occupy at least 75% of the front elevation of the first floor of a building in this district. All windows located above the first floor shall have a coordinated appearance that remains in context with the first floor window design and placement.
   (B)   Exterior building materials.  All new principal structures constructed in this zoning district shall be constructed of the following exterior materials: brick, natural stone and cultured stone products, wood and cement siding products featuring a simulated wood appearance. Accessory structures will be permitted to use vinyl or aluminum siding. Principal structures damaged to the extent of 50% or greater shall comply with nonconforming structures, § 153.233(B).
(Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09; Am. Ord. 12-3352, passed 3-15-12; Am. Ord. 18-3581, passed 4-19-18)