(A)   Architectural standards.  All new principal structures permitted in this district shall conform to the predominant surrounding architectural character of the area.  Elements that define surrounding architectural character include roof and window types, architectural styles, colors, and ancillary elements such as landscaping and fences.
      (1)   All new principal structures permitted in this district shall be constructed using a minimum 6/12 pitched roof design including the roof area located over the garage. The roof area located over any porch and entrance portions of the dwelling may be constructed using a minimum 4/12 pitch design.
      (2)   Minimum overhang length of 12 inches shall be provided over all faces of the exterior walls of a dwelling.
   (B)   Exterior building materials.  All new principal structures constructed in this zoning district shall be constructed of the following exterior materials: brick, natural stone and cultured stone products, wood and cement siding products featuring a simulated wood appearance. Accessory structures will be permitted to use vinyl or aluminum siding. Principal structures damaged to the extent of 50% or greater shall comply to nonconforming structures, § 153.233(B).
(Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09; Am. Ord. 12-3352, passed 3-15-12)