Public hearings and meetings of the Board of Zoning Appeals shall be public. Notice of hearings of each appeals case shall be given by publication one time in a newspaper of general circulation not less than 15 days in advance of the hearing. The Board shall act by resolution, in which three members shall concur. Concise records and minutes shall be kept as to all official acts of the Board. The Board may recess such public hearings from time to time without making a final determination on the matter, and, if the time and place of the continued hearing is publicly announced at the time of the adjournment, no further notice shall be required. Any interested person may appear at the public hearing in person or by attorney. Notice of such public hearings shall be given by first class mail to the parties making the request for the appeal and to the property owners within 300 feet of the property to which such appeal relates not less than 15 days in advance of the hearing. Such notification shall be sent to the names and addresses of such owners appearing on the Hamilton County Auditor's current tax list. If the address appearing on the tax list is that of a lending institution or other person or entity clearly recognizable as not being the owner, then written notice shall be mailed to such institution, person, or entity at the listed address and to the named owners at the street address of the property. Failure of delivery of such notice shall not invalidate action taken on such application.
('91 Code, § 153.296)  (Ord. 1910-1954, passed 10-21-54; Am. Ord. passed 4-20-78; Am. Ord. 09-3306, passed 10-15-09)