(A)   City Council hereby approves the implementation of a 5% fee on the gross revenue of a video service provider, now providing services within the city if such provider elects to opt out of its current franchise agreement or to a new video service provider who shall provide video services within the city.  Such fee shall be calculated based on the gross revenue of the video service provider as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code governing such payments and such fee shall include all advertising revenue generated by the video service provider within the city.
   (B)   The City Manager is hereby authorized and empowered to notify any video service provider set forth in division (A) above that in the event that the city receives notice from any such video service provider under R.C. § 1332.27 that the City Manager is authorized to notify such video service provider of the city's imposition of a 5% fee on the gross revenue of the video service provider, including advertising revenue which is generated through the provision of video services to the residents of the city.
(Ord. 07-3248, passed 11-1-07)