The form, content, verification of and other requirements for initiative and referendum petitions except as otherwise prescribed in this Charter, shall be those prescribed by the Constitution and general laws of the State of Ohio covering initiative and referendum petitions on the state level in existence as of the time of filing of the petition. In addition to the requirements of the statute each petition shall by its terms appoint a committee of three to represent the proponents of the petition in any further proceedings before Council. Such committee shall have the power to fill vacancies in its ranks by action of the surviving members. The petition shall be filed with the Clerk of Council, who shall forthwith notify the Mayor of such filing. The Mayor shall thereupon and within five days of the time of filing  appoint a committee of two, at least one of whom shall be a member of the committee to support the petition, and this committee, together with the Clerk of Council of the municipality, and with the help of the Board of Elections of Hamilton County, if the committee so desires, shall determine within ten days of its appointment whether the petition is valid and sufficient according to law. If the committee determines the petition to be valid and sufficient, the Clerk of Council shall present the petition, with a certificate as to the committee’s determination, to Council at its next regular meeting. If the petition is determined to be invalid or insufficient, no further action shall be had.
(Amendment adopted by electorate (11-7-06))