(A)   The operator of a motor vehicle shall display the operator’s driver’s license, or furnish satisfactory proof that the operator has a driver’s license, upon demand of any peace officer or of any person damaged or injured in any collision in which the licensee may be involved. When a demand is properly made, and the operator has the operator’s driver’s license on or about the operator’s person, the operator shall not refuse to display the license. A person’s failure to furnish satisfactory evidence that the person is licensed under R.C. Chapter 4507 when the person does not have the person’s license on or about the person’s person shall be prima facie evidence of the person’s not having obtained a driver’s license.
   (B)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.
(R.C. § 4507.35) ('91 Code, § 71.19) (Ord. 01-3135, passed 12-20-01)