(A)   No person shall operate any motor truck, bus, or commercial tractor upon any highway at any time from sunset to sunrise unless there is carried in such vehicle, except as provided in division (B) of this section, the following equipment which shall be of the types approved by the Director of Transportation.
      (1)   At least three flares or three red reflectors or three red electric lanterns, each of which is capable of being seen and distinguished at a distance of 500 feet under normal atmospheric conditions at nighttime;
      (2)   At least three red-burning fusees, unless red reflectors or red electric lanterns are carried;
      (3)   At least two red cloth flags, not less than two inches square, with standards to support them;
      (4)   The type of red reflectors shall comply with such standards and specifications in effect on September 16, 1963, or later established by the Interstate Commerce Commission and must be certified as meeting such standards by Underwriters Laboratories.
   (B)   No person shall operate at the time and under the conditions stated in this section any motor vehicle used in transporting flammable liquids in bulk, or in transporting compressed flammable gases, unless there is carried in such vehicle three red electric lanterns or three red reflectors meeting the requirements stated in division (A) of this section. There shall not be carried in any such vehicle any flare, fusee, or signal produced by a flame.
   (C)   This section does not apply to any person who operates any motor vehicle in a work area designated by protection equipment devices that are displayed and used in accordance with the manual adopted by the Department of Transportation under R.C. § 4511.09.
(R.C. § 4513.27)  ('91 Code, § 74.34)
   (D)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.
(R.C. § 4513.99)