A.   No ordinance or resolution shall be passed without the concurrence of a majority of all members of Council, except that emergency ordinances, as hereinafter provided, shall require concurrence of five (5) members of Council, for passage. Before passage, every ordinance shall be fully and distinctly read on two (2) separate days, unless an emergency is declared as hereinafter provided, by vote of five (5) members of Council, a reading thereof in full on two (2) different days is dispensed with, in which case such ordinance may be read one (1) time and passed on the day of such reading.
   B.   Every vote upon every ordinance or other matters as to which any member shall so demand shall  be taken upon a roll call and entered upon the journal. Council may adopt rules, not inconsistent with this Charter by ordinance governing its own proceedings and all other matters pertaining to the exercise of its powers and the performance of its duties. Final passage of every ordinance and every resolution shall be certified by the signatures of the Mayor or Vice Mayor and the Clerk of Council. The Clerk of Council shall record all ordinances and resolutions, at length, in separate ordinance and resolution volumes, which shall be a public record, available upon request for review by all citizens.
   C.   Immediately after the period of publication required by this Charter, the Clerk of Council shall enter on the ordinance a certificate giving the manner and date of publication and shall sign his/her name thereto officially.
(Amendment adopted by electorate (11-3-03); Amendment adopted by electorate (11-7-06))