(A)   When the Mayor, or in his absence the Vice-Mayor, after consultation with the City Manager and Chief of Police, determines that a public danger or emergency as defined in this chapter exists, he shall forthwith proclaim in writing the existence of the same and the time of its inception and shall issue proclamation thereof to the public through the news media and any other means of dissemination as he deems advisable.
   (B)   Prior to issuance of the proclamation, as provided for in division (A) of this section, the Mayor, or in his absence the Vice-Mayor, shall, to the extent that time and the availability of the persons listed herein permit, confer and consult with the City Manager, Police Chief, Fire Chief, members of Council, and other persons conversant with the circumstances that then exist.
('91 Code, § 91.17)  (Ord. 2231, passed 6-6-68)