(A)   In time of public danger or emergency until the City Manager, or in his absence the Mayor or Vice-Mayor, assumes the duties of commanding the police, maintaining order and enforcing the law, the Chief of Police shall perform those duties and shall immediately proceed to take all action necessary to preserve and protect the public peace and the lives, persons, and property within the city that are endangered or potentially endangered by the factors constituting a public danger or emergency.
   (B)   He shall establish and put into effect procedures whereby circumstances or events which constitute a public danger or emergency or which are likely to be productive of a public danger or emergency shall be immediately reported to him by members of the departments under his authority and control.  Upon receipt of any information of circumstances or events which may constitute an actual or potential public danger or emergency, he shall immediately convey any information to the City Manager, or in the absence of the City Manager, to the Mayor and Vice-Mayor.  Thereafter, he shall convey that information to all other members of Council as soon as is practicable.  He shall establish procedures to be used in his absence for so notifying the City Manager, the Mayor, and the members of City Council.  He shall continue in his efforts to contact the City Manager or Mayor or Vice-Mayor in accordance with the provisions of this chapter even though he proceeds to act in their absence.
   (C)   The Chief of Police shall establish procedures for taking positive action through all the appropriate departments of the city under his jurisdiction to control and suppress riots and to protect the public peace and the lives, persons and property within the city in times of emergency and shall keep the City Manager informed in detail as to these plans and preparations.  He shall consult with the City Manager in regard to the formulation of all plans and preparations for the purpose of providing a course of action that can be pursued effectively and expeditiously by the city under his direction or the direction of the City Manager.  The Chief of Police and the City Manager shall keep the Mayor and Vice-Mayor informed of all plans and procedures for dealing with public dangers or emergencies, in preparation for the possibility of the Mayor or Vice-Mayor assuming those duties in the absence of the City Manager.  In the absence of the City Manager and the Mayor or Vice-Mayor, he shall be authorized to proceed to take any action he deems necessary under the provisions of this chapter and to exercise their powers as set forth herein.
('91 Code, § 91.15)  (Ord. 2231, passed 6-6-68)