(A)  The City Manager shall be responsible to Council for the proper administration of all the affairs of the Municipality and the enforcement of all its laws and ordinances, except as herein otherwise provided, and to that end shall have exclusive authority to make all appointments, suspensions, and removals of all employees in the departments and offices under his control, including the heads of all departments and offices, but subject to such restrictions as may be imposed upon such authority of the City Manager under and pursuant to the provisions of this Charter relative to the civil service.
   (B)   The City Manager shall attend all meetings of Council and the Planning Commission, unless his absence is reasonably justified or excused by the Council or the Commission, and be informed of, and may attend all other meetings of boards and commissions with the right to participate in discussions but without the right to vote. The City Manager shall attend meetings of any committee of Council, or board or commission, when so requested by such committee, board or commission.
   (C)   The City Manager shall be the fiscal and accounting officer of the municipality. The City Manager shall be responsible for the supervision of earnings tax collection, said collection as determined by Council. The City Manager shall prepare and submit to Council an annual budget and an annual appropriation ordinance as provided for in this Charter, and be responsible for their administration after adoption.
   (D)   The City Manager shall prepare and submit to Council after the end of each fiscal year, a complete report on the finances and activities of the Municipality for such year.
   (E)   The City Manager shall prepare and submit to Council each month a report showing the conditions of all appropriated funds.
   (F)   The City Manager shall serve as chief executive officer over all departments except that he shall not have jurisdiction or authority over, or serve as, the Mayor or Solicitor.
   (G)   The City Manager shall keep the books of the Municipality, exhibit accurate statements of all monies received and expended, of all property owned by the Municipality and the income derived therefrom, and of all taxes and assessments.
   (H)   The City Manager shall execute and deliver all contracts and make all purchases for the municipality, except franchise for public utility services. He shall manage and supervise all public works, solid waste and other services, utilities and undertakings of the Municipality, and shall supervise the design, construction, improvement, maintenance and repair of all streets, sewers, buildings, facilities, and other property of the Municipality, and shall maintain in good order all maps, plans and charts concerned with property and facilities owned or operated by the Municipality.
   (I)   The City Manager shall issue all licenses and permits pursuant to ordinances or general law and perform all other duties prescribed in this Charter or imposed by any measure of Council.
   (J)   The City Manager may, with the consent of Council, but only when advisable or proper, delegate to subordinate officers and employees of the Municipality any duties conferred upon the City Manager by this Charter or by action of Council, and hold subordinate officers responsible for the faithful discharge of such duties.
   (K)   The City Manager may by letter filed with the Mayor, or by requesting said designation within a classification specification then adopted by Council, designate a qualified person of the City Manager's own choosing to perform his duties during any temporary absence or disability. In the event such designation is not made, Council may designate a qualified person to perform such duties.
   (L)   The City Manager shall keep current the municipal employees manual, and the municipal policies and procedures.
   (M) The City Manager shall perform all duties prescribed for him in this Charter and such additional duties as may be imposed upon him by any action of Council or by any provision of the general laws of Ohio.
(Amendment adopted by electorate (5-3-05))