18.13.010   Purpose and intent.
   A.   The purpose of this chapter is to set forth the process for financing and/or conveyances for sites, which have an approved tentative parcel map or tentative tract map. The finance and/or conveyance map shall not create any legal building site(s); a future final map or parcel map shall be processed in order for any development to occur.
   B.   This criteria shall govern the filing and processing of tentative maps for finance and/or conveyance purposes. Applications for finance and/or conveyance maps (collectively referred to as “finance maps”) may only be accepted under one of the following criteria:
   1.   A future final map for development purposes must be processed and recorded in order for any development on the site to occur, and this fact is clearly stated on the face of the map; or
   2.   An approved site plan and design review or conditional use permit is approved for the site, has not expired, and all conditions of approval, expected exactions, and mitigation measures associated with the underlying approval(s) shall be implemented as previously prescribed, or as properly modified, for any development on the property to occur.  (Ord. 2015-11-1482 § 1 (part))