21.48.100   Deposit in fund.
   The finance director shall receive all fees paid and place them in a separate traffic impact fund. The finance director shall keep account of all funds received, their source, all expenditures therefrom and the purpose of all expenditures. The finance director shall prepare an annual report thereon pursuant to Government Code 66006, and shall periodically prepare a public report stating: (1) the type of fee in the account; (2) the amount of the fee; (3) the beginning and ending balance of the account or fund; (4) the amount of the fees collected and the interest earned; (5) information relating to the public improvements on which the fees were expended; (6) the approximate date by which the construction of the improvement will commence if sufficient funds have been collected; (7) a description of interfund transfers or loans; and (8) the amount of any refunds.
(Ord. 2003-10-1323 § 8)