21.12.060   Appeal of director's determination.
   A.   The determination of the director of community development regarding the improvement study may be appealed by any interested person to city council within ten days of the director's written notification of same. A notice of appeal shall be provided to the city clerk in writing. City council may by resolution require payment of a fee by the person bringing the appeal in an amount not to exceed the reasonably estimated costs of processing the appeal.
   B.   Upon receiving a written notice of appeal, the city clerk shall schedule a hearing on the matter for the next available city council agenda. The hearing shall be limited to whether the director of community development reasonably determined that an improvement study is necessary for the development project. Upon closing the hearing, city council shall uphold, modify, or overrule the determination of the director of community development. The appeal hearing may be continued by city council from time to time.
   C.   No application for any development project or other land use entitlement shall be accepted as complete until the time period for the appeal has passed, or until any appeal taken has been finally resolved.
(Ord. 91-06-1100 § 1 (part))