18.28.020   Definitions.
   As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meaning:
   A.   "Accessory structure" means a structure which serves some limited, supplemental use to the primary use for the property. Examples of accessory structures include garages or storage sheds for residences, gates, fences, and the like.
   B.   "Common ownership" means at least one-half ownership interest (including interests as joint tenants or tenants-in-common) in all contiguous parcels by the same individual, partnership, corporation, firm, association, or other person or business entity. Common ownership shall be determined as of the time of the director's preliminary determination, as provided for in Section 18.28.050.
   C.   "Component-parcel" means one of the two or more parcels which constitute contiguous parcels.
   D.   "Contiguous parcels" mean two or more adjoining parcels or units of land, sharing some common boundary line or point. Parcels shall not be deemed contiguous parcels if their common boundary line or point lies within a public road, street, or alley, or railroad rights-of-way, or other feature deemed to be similar by the director.
   E.   "Director" means the director of planning and community development.
   F.   "Mineral resource extraction" means gas, oil, hydrocarbon, gravel, or sand extraction, geothermal wells, or other similar commercial mining activity.
(Ord. 88-09-1011 § 1 (part))