18.20.020   Waiver of final parcel map procedure.
   A.   The requirement that a parcel map be prepared and recorded may be waived by the planning commission if a finding is made that the proposed division of land complies with the requirements of this title and the Subdivision Map Act as to area, improvement and design, floodwater drainage control, water supply availability, appropriate improved public roads and environmental protection.
   B.   A tentative parcel map application with accompanying material and with a written waiver request must be filed with the director of planning and community development prior to consideration of any waiver request.
   C.   In granting any waiver, the planning commission may impose such conditions as are necessary to protect the public health, safety, or welfare and assure compliance with the general plan, any applicable specific plans, and the intent and purposes of this title. Prior to recordation of a certificate of compliance, the subdivider may be required to satisfy such conditions or enter into an agreement with the city pursuant to Section 66411.1 of the Subdivision Map Act and Chapter 18.40 of this title.
   D.   In any case where waiver of a parcel map is granted, the director of planning and community development shall file a certificate of compliance with the county recorder's office.
(Ord. 82-3-889 § 1 (part))