18.16.020   Form, content and accompanying material.
   A.   Each final map shall be prepared in accordance with the following:
   1.   The final map shall be clearly and legibly delineated upon mylar or linen. All lines, letters, figures, certificates, acknowledgements, and signatures shall be made in black waterproof India ink, except that affidavits, certificates, and acknowledgements may be legibly stamped or printed upon the map with black opaque ink. Stick-on certificates shall not be utilized. Minimum letter size shall be one-eighth inch in height.
   2.   The size of each sheet shall be eighteen inches by twenty-six inches.
   3.   A marginal line shall be drawn completely around each sheet, leaving an entirely black margin of one inch.
   4.   The scale of the map shall be large enough to show all details clearly and not less than one hundred feet to the inch unless approved by the city engineer.
   5.   Each sheet shall be numbered, the relation of one sheet to another clearly shown, and the number of sheets used shall be set forth on each sheet.
   6.   The tract number, scale, north point, and sheet number shall be shown on each sheet of the final map.
   7.   The exterior boundary line of the subdivision shall be indicated by a distinctive symbol on the front of the sheet which shall not obliterate lines and figures.
   8.   The title sheet of each final map shall contain a title to the satisfaction of the city engineer consisting of the number, name, or other designation of the subdivision together with the words: "In the City of Signal Hill" or "Partly within the City of Signal Hill and partly in another city." Below the title shall be a subtitle consisting of a general description of all the property being subdivided, by reference, to subdivisions or to section surveys. Reference to tracts and subdivisions shall be spelled out and worded identically with original records, with complete references to proper book and page of the record. Title sheet shall show, in addition, the basis of bearings, the number of lots or parcels, and the acreage of the tract or parcel map, a soils report note, and monument notes. Maps filed for purpose of reverting subdivided land to acreage shall be conspicuously marked under the title: "The purpose of this map is to revert to acreage." Maps filed for the purpose of a condominium shall be conspicuously marked: "For Condominium Purposes."
   9.   Each lot or parcel shall be numbered and each block may be numbered or lettered. Each street shall be named.
   10.   Sufficient linear, angular, and radio data shall be shown to determine the bearings and lengths of monument lines, street centerlines, the boundary lines of the subdivision and of the boundary lines of every lot and parcel which is a part thereof. Length, radius, and total central angle or radial bearings on all curves shall be shown. Where metric units are shown, English units shall also be provided.
   11.   The location and description of all existing and proposed monuments shall be shown.
   12.   Whenever the city engineer has established the centerline of a street or alley, such data shall be considered in making the surveys and in preparing the final map, and all monuments found shall be indicated and proper references made to field books or maps of public record, relating to the monuments. If the points were reset by ties, that fact shall be stated.
   13.   The final map shall show city boundaries crossing or adjoining the subdivision clearly designated and tied in.
   14.   The final map shall show the centerline data, width and side lines of all easements to which the lots are subject. Easements shall be clearly labeled and identified with respect to the use for which intended, and if already of record, proper reference to the records given. Public easements shall be dedicated and so indicated in the certificate of dedication. At the time the subdivider presents the final map, there shall be presented certificates executed respectively, by the various public utility companies authorized to serve in the area of the subdivision, certifying that satisfactory provisions have been executed and delivered to the certifying companies for recording. Easements for public utility companies shall be reserved for the use and benefit of public utility companies.
   15.   The following certificates and acknowledgements must appear on the title sheet of the final map:
   a.   Owner's certificate signed and acknowledged by all parties having record title thereof in the completed subdivision with exceptions provided by the Subdivision Map Act, including dedications and offers of dedication, if any, which shall, by their terms, not be revocable without city consent in the event the final map is approved;
   b.   Engineer's or surveyor's certificate;
   c.   City engineer's certificate of approval;
   d.   City clerk's certificate of approval by city council and acceptance of offer of dedication;
   e.   Such other affidavits, certificates, acknowledgments, endorsements, and notarial seals as required.
   B.   The following statements, documents, and other data shall be filed with the final map:
   1.   A guarantee of title or certificate of title from a title company, certifying that the signatures of all persons whose consent is necessary to pass a clear title to the land being subdivided, and all acknowledgements thereto, appear and are correctly shown on the proper certificates, and are correctly shown on the map, both as to consents for the making thereof and the affidavit of dedication;
   2.   Title report;
   3.   The complete plans, profiles, cross-sections, specifications, and applicable permits for the construction and installation of all improvements as required by the city engineer;
   4.   All protective covenants, conditions, restrictions, or affirmative obligations in the form in which the same are to be recorded, as approved by the department of planning and community development;
   5.   A nonrefundable filing and checking fee as prescribed by resolution of the city council;
   6.   Deed for easements of rights-of-way or other dedications which have not been dedicated on the final map. Written evidence acceptable to city in the form of rights-of-entry or permanent easements across private property outside of the subdivision, permitting or granting access to perform necessary construction work and permitting the maintenance of the facility;
   7.   If the map is for creation of a subdivision by conversion of residential real property into condominiums, community apartments, or a stock cooperative, the subdivider shall file such documents with the department of planning and community development that assure compliance with Section 66427.1 of the Subdivision Map Act;
   8.   Complete copies of all deeds, documents, and field book pages referenced on the map or required for the interpretation of deeds or data referenced on the map;
   9.   Complete traverse and closure calculations;
   10.   Method of establishment of all lines;
   11.   Centerline tie notes;
   12.   All other data required by law or by the city engineer as a condition of approval of the tentative map, including plans, deeds, reports, calculations, agreements, permits, fees, deposits, security or other requirements.
(Ord. 82-3-889 § 1 (part))