16.22.030   Idle well—Abandonment.
   A.   Whenever a well is an idle well and the notice has been given, as described in Section 16.22.020, the permittee, operator, or other responsible party shall cause the well to be abandoned or reabandoned pursuant to Section 16.24.090 within three months; or
   1.   Repair and reactivate the well as a pumping well or injector well; or
   2.   Obtain an annual idle well permit.
   B.   Failure to obtain an annual idle well permit, abandon or repair and reactivate an idle well shall be conclusive evidence of desertion of the well permitting the Oil Services Coordinator, his designee, and DOGGR to cause the well to be abandoned. Said wells shall also be deemed a public nuisance.
(Ord. 2015-05-1475 § 5)