16.16.130   Noise control--General.
   A.   All drilling or redrilling operations shall conform to Chapter 9.16 of this code.
   B.   If residents in the vicinity of such operations complain to the inspector or if noise levels exceed the ambient noise levels permitted in Chapter 9.16 of this code, a notice shall be issued to the operator by the inspector.
   C.   Upon receipt of notice, the operator shall submit for the approval of the inspector the procedures the operator will undertake to correct the violation. Corrective measures must be initiated within forty-eight hours of operator's receipt of the notice. The inspector may require a follow-up noise field test by an acoustical engineer to ensure compliance, in which case the operator shall pay the actual costs to the city for such test.
   1.   Failure to comply shall be reason for the inspector to limit drilling or redrilling to daylight hours (seven a.m. to seven p.m.).
   2.   Nothing shall preclude the inspector from pursuing other administrative or legal remedies to obtain compliance.
   D.   Internal combustion engines shall only be used during drilling in those applications for which electrical motors are not appropriate and power generation for these motors require diesel or gasoline generators or engines. The inspector shall approve, at the time of issuance of the drilling or redrilling permit, these operations appropriate, in his discretion, for internal combustion engines for the period of drilling or redrilling only.
   E.   Exhaust muffler shall be installed and maintained in good repair on all approved gasoline or diesel engines to prevent excessive or unusual noise. Means shall also be provided on all engines to prevent the escape of flames, sparks, ignited carbon, and soot.
   F.   Pipe tripping and truck deliveries are prohibited except Monday through Friday, inclusive, from seven a.m. to seven p.m., and Saturday from nine a.m. to seven p.m. (See Section 16.20.100 of this title for well servicing or rework).
   G.   The inspector may issue a memorandum to the city manager and police chief authorizing work to be performed at times not otherwise permitted in this section only when a written request has been submitted by the operator and findings are made by the inspector that the activity is necessary to preserve the state of the oil well or to preserve life or property and that the activity will not produce noise which will interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of persons occupying surrounding properties. Findings shall be based on the type of operation proposed including the type of equipment, the type and distance of operation from surrounding uses and the proposed hours of operations.
(Ord. 90-08-1074 § 4 (part))