16.16.020   Drilling permitted in specific zones.
   A.   A well(s) may be drilled in any zoning district, with the exception of a residential zoning district, subject to approval of a conditional use permit pursuant to Section 20.08.060 and Chapter 20.64 of this code and compliance with all requirements contained in this title.
   B.   Redrilling shall be permitted in any zoning district subject to written approval from the director verifying compliance with all requirements contained in this title and the following conditions:
   1.   Written verification from the operator that the well is bottomed within the boundaries of the leased properties or outer boundary;
   2.   Approval from D.O.G. that the well is in compliance with all state requirements;
   3.   Neighborhood noticing requirements have been completed in accordance with Section 16.20.210.
(Ord. 99-08-1261 § 1; Ord. 90-08-1074 § 4 (part))