15.16.050   Section 608.2 amended—Excessive water pressure.
   Section 608.2 of the California Plumbing Code is amended to read in its entirety as follows:
   Section 608.2 Excessive water pressure. All water service systems shall be equipped with an approved type pressure regulator preceded by an adequate strainer and the pressure reduced to 80 pounds per square inch (551.2 kPa) or less. For potable water services up to and including one and one-half inch (38.1 mm) regulators, provision shall be made to prevent pressure on the building side of the regulator from exceeding main supply pressure. Approved regulators with integral bypasses are acceptable. Each such regulator and strainer shall be accessibly located and shall have the strainer readily accessible for disconnecting the supply piping. All pipe size determinations shall be based on 80 percent (80%) of the reduced pressure when using Table 610.4. (Ord. 2019-12-1510 § 6 (part))