15.12.040   Undergrounding of utilities.*
   (Zoning Code Amendment)
   A.   Underground utilities shall be installed in a new development in accordance with the rules and regulations of the serving utility as approved by the public utilities commission. When such rules and regulations do not apply, overhead utility lines may serve a new development; provided, however, that conduit (raceway) from service equipment shall be placed underground to the curb line and/or utility right-of-way. Said conduit (raceway) shall include but not be limited to electric, telephone, communication, exterior lighting, and television cable.
   B.   All related equipment such as transformers, meters, etc., may be permitted aboveground but not in the required front yard setback or the side yard setback adjacent to a street unless otherwise approved by the administrative committee.
   C.   After fifty and one-tenth percent (50.1%) of any street frontage of any city block has been developed with underground utilities, it shall be the responsibility of the city to investigate the feasibility of establishing an underground utility district for the block to have all utilities placed underground.
(Ord. 2019-12-1510 § 5 (part))
*   For additional provisions regarding underground utilities, see Chapter 13.08 of this code.