13.12.230   Changes required by public improvements.
   The grantee shall, from time to time protect, support, dislocate, temporarily or permanently, as may be required, remove or relocate, without expense to the city or any other governmental entity, any facilities installed, used, and maintained under the franchise, if and when made necessary by any lawful change of grade, alignment, or width of any public street, including the construction of any subway or viaduct, water, sewer, or storm drain lines by the city or any other governmental entity and including when any underground utility district is formed, or made necessary by any other public improvement or alteration in, under, on, upon, or about any public street or other public property, whether such public improvements or alteration be at the insistence of the city or another governmental entity, and whether such improvement or alteration is for a government or proprietary function, or made necessary by traffic conditions, public safety, street vacation, or any other public project or purpose of city or any other governmental entity. The decision of the city engineer under this section shall be final and binding upon grantee.
(Ord. 85-07-950 § 1 (part))