13.12.122   Amateur radio protection.
   Grantee agrees to maintain its cables, cable drops, and all connectors used therewith in good condition and good repair at all times. Grantee shall insure that its system is in full compliance with all applicable technical rules contained in Part 76 of the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (47 C.R.F. Part 76), including, but not limited to cable radiation limits established by the Federal Communications Commission in Section 76.605(a)(12) of that commission's rules. Grantee agrees to respond timely to any and all complaints of radiofrequency interference alleged to be caused by the operation of its cable system to any and all radio and/or television users or services, and shall attempt to resolve such complaints at grantee's own expense and initiative. Grantee further agrees to timely respond to any and all complaints of radiofrequency interference caused to its cable subscribers from other radio users upon reasonable notice of such interference, and shall attempt to resolve any interference which may be occurring, at its own expense and initiative. After prompt reasonable efforts have been made by grantee to resolve any complaints of radiofrequency interference to cable subscribers or complaints of radiofrequency interference to radio users in other services from cable system radiation, if the problem persists, grantee agrees to submit the matter to the Federal Communications Commission for assistance in resolving the problem. It is understood by both parties that exclusive jurisdiction over matters of radiofrequency interference exists in the Federal Communications Commission, but that this agreement imposes upon grantee the duty, promptly and upon its own initiative, to attempt to resolve any and all such complaints of interference to or from its cable system and make all reasonable, good-faith efforts to resolve the same within grantee's control and at grantee's sole expense, without resort to that federal agency.
(Ord. 85-07-950 § 1 (part))