13.12.110   Minimum cable television system services.
   Any and all cable television systems for the city shall be designed and installed to meet all of the standards expressly set forth in this chapter. In addition, as a minimum, unless otherwise provided in the franchise agreement, the system(s) shall be constructed to provide the following:
   A.   A minimum of fifty-two channel capacity on a subscriber network;
   B.   Interactive capabilities will be provided only when technically and economically feasible;
   C.   An institutional network with switching capabilities between the subscriber network as provided in Section 13.12.080J;
   D.   Upstream and downstream capabilities on all networks;
   E.   Seven local channels for educational, library, governmental, religious, public and local origination use;
   F.   A fully equipped state-of-the-art local television production studio either dedicated or shared with any city where the grantee operates a cable system;
   G.   A mobile television production van;
   H.   Free installation and services for all public and community buildings as agreed by the city and grantee in the franchise agreement;
   I.   The wiring and installation of terminals and amplifiers at city hall for cable television coverage of city council and other meetings and/or hearings;
   J.   Programming services, if available, that include:
   1.   National and international news,
   2.   Financial and stock market information,
   3.   Sports channels,
   4.   Weather services,
   5.   Children's programming,
   6.   Movie channels,
   7.   Pay cable services,
   8.   Cultural programming,
   9.   Foreign language programming,
   10.   Programming for handicapped,
   11.   Processed FM stereo programming,
   12.   Educational programming from local public schools and higher education facilities, such programming to be provided by these institutions and carried on the local channels as specified in subsection E of this section,
   13.   Other programming areas as may be specified in the franchise agreement;
   K.   Emergency override capability under the direction of a city official designated by the city. Emergency override shall be available only on the shared local channels; and prior to activation of the system, the grantee shall provide the city with policy guidelines for the operation thereof, which shall be subject to the review and approval of the city;
   L.   Portable television equipment which may also be "shared" or "pooled" by public and institutional users;
   M.   A sufficient quantity of portable television equipment for the public agencies of the city to allow those agencies to produce programming designed for internal distribution;
   N.   Sufficient technical personnel to operate the studio and mobile van, and to provide technical assistance to community users in the preparation, production and broadcasting of local programming;
   O.   A training program in cable television production to serve the city's educational and municipal agencies;
   P.   Ongoing support for the development, operation, and promotion of the public access channels including annual notification to city residents of the availability of public access services;
   Q.   Interconnection of subscriber and/or institutional networks with those of the adjacent community and countywide agencies and/or services, including libraries, City College, Cal State Long Beach, and the unified school district, pursuant to the provisions of Section 13.12.140;
   R.   Electronic trapping (parental control devices) of cable signals shall be made available to all subscribers at cost.
(Ord. 85-07-950 § 1 (part))