9.64.090   Enforcement and revocation.
   A.   Revocation Grounds. The director may revoke an adult oriented business permit when he or she determines that any of the following have occurred:
   1.   Any of the findings and criteria contained in Section 9.64.050 above ceases to be satisfied;
   2.   The adult business permit or renewal application contains incorrect, false or misleading information;
   3.   The permittee is convicted of any felony or misdemeanor which is classified as a sex or sex-related offense, any violation of the city's zoning ordinance, any violation of the city's massage ordinance, or any violation of any other adult business ordinance of any other city, county, or state;
   4.   Any person has been convicted of a sex-related offense as a result of any activity on the premises of the adult oriented business; or
   5.   Any person or persons has been permitted by the permittee to engage in any specified sexual activities on the premises, or the permittee has failed to take reasonable steps to prevent specified sexual activities on the premises.
   B.   Revocation Notice and Due Process. Upon determining that grounds for permit revocation may exist, the director shall furnish written notice of the proposed revocation to the permit holder. Such notice shall include the principal allegations and reasons for the proposed revocation, the time, date and place where an administrative hearing will be held. The notice shall be delivered both by posting the notice at the location of the adult oriented business and by sending the same, certified mail, return receipt requested and postage prepaid, to the permittee as that name and address appears on the permit. The director shall notify the permittee of the results of the hearing by posting and mailing, as provided above, not later than fifteen calendar days after the hearing.
   C.   Appeal. Not later than fifteen calendar days after the mailing and posting of the hearing results, any person aggrieved by a decision of the director may file an appeal of said decision in the manner provided in Section 5.04.220 of the Signal Hill Municipal Code, and the appeal shall be noticed, heard and decided as provided therein.
   D.   Reapplication after Revocation. No person, corporation, partnership or member thereof or any other entity may obtain an adult oriented business permit for a business once its permit has been revoked.
(Ord. 2004-01-1325 § 4: Ord. 2003-07-1320 § 2: Ord. 2003-05-1317 § 2)