9.64.070   Permits are Nontransferable and Use Specific.
   No adult oriented business permit may be sold, transferred or assigned by any permit holder, or by operation of law, to any other person, group, partnership, corporation or any other entity. Any such sale, transfer or assignment or attempted sale, transfer or assignment shall be deemed to constitute a voluntary surrender of the permit and the permit shall be thereafter null and void. An adult oriented business permit held by a corporation or partnership is subject to the same rules of transferability as contained above. Any proposed transferee shall reapply under this chapter and shall obtain its own permit thereunder. Any increase in the scope of the business or its activities, or any change in the nature or composition of the adult oriented business from one element of an adult oriented business to another element of an adult oriented business, shall also render the permit null and void. An adult oriented business permit shall only be valid for the exact location specified on the permit.
(Ord. 2004-01-1325 § 4: Ord. 2003-07-1320 § 2: Ord. 2003-05-1317 § 2)