9.64.040   Application requirements.
   A.   Only the property owner is eligible to request an adult oriented business permit, except that an adult oriented business permit may be issued to, in addition to the property owner, any person who performs any part of the management or operation of the adult oriented business on a regular basis.
   B.   In addition to any other information requested by the director reasonably related to processing the permit application, the following information is required at the time an adult oriented business permit is submitted to the community development department:
   1.   A completed, notarized adult oriented business permit application signed by all property owners, or if any property owner is not an individual, signed by legal representatives of the owners;
   2.   A deposit of two thousand five hundred dollars or other sum as set forth by ordinance or resolution of the city council, from which the city shall deduct the actual and reasonable administrative costs associated with reviewing and processing the application;
   3.   A letter of justification describing the proposed project and explaining how it will comply with the findings and criteria contained in Section 9.64.050; and
   4.   A security plan to be reviewed by the chief of police.
(Ord. 2004-01-1325 § 4: Ord. 2003-07-1320 § 2: Ord. 2003-05-1317 § 2)