9.64.030   Permit required; Sex clubs prohibited.
   A.   No adult oriented business shall be permitted to operate, engage in, conduct or carry on business within the city unless the owner of the business first obtains both an adult oriented business permit and a business license from the City of Signal Hill.
   B.   In addition to all new businesses, this chapter shall apply to any adult oriented business currently operating, engaging in, conducting or carrying on business within the city as of the time this chapter is adopted. The director shall process any applications submitted. If the permit is denied, the applicant may appeal the denial in the manner provided in Section 5.04.220 of the Signal Hill Municipal Code, and the appeal shall be noticed, heard and decided as provided therein.
   C.   Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, sex clubs, as defined in Section 9.64.020, are prohibited.
(Ord. 2004-01-1325 § 4: Ord. 2003-07-1320 § 2: Ord. 2003-05-1317 § 2)