9.56.190   Penalties and civil liability of parents.
   A.   In addition to all other penalties under state law which may be applicable, any violation of this chapter shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment not to exceed six months, or by both fine and imprisonment, and by the performance of community service in the form of graffiti clean-up to the maximum extent permitted by California Penal Code Section 594.6 and/or any other provision of law.
   B.   Any parent or legal guardian, whose child under the age of eighteen possesses a graffiti implement or unlawfully applies graffiti, shall be personally liable for any and all costs to any person incurred in connection with the removal of graffiti caused by the child, or by the graffiti implement and for all attorney's fees and court costs incurred in connection with the civil prosecution of any claim for damages.
   C.   Whenever deemed appropriate, it is the city's intent to petition a sentencing court to impose the following additional penalties upon conviction:
   1.   Litter or graffiti cleanup pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 42001.7, upon conviction of violation of California Vehicle Code Sections 23111, 23112 or 23113(a).
   2.   Suspension or delay of issuance of a driver's license pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 13202.6 upon a graffiti-vandalism conviction.
   3.   Performance of community service, including graffiti removal service of up to one hundred hours by any minor determined to be a ward of the court as a result of committing a drug related offense in the city, as provided in California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 729.8.
   D.   It is the city's further intent that, pursuant to California Penal Code Section 640.6(a), all acts of graffiti-vandalism occurring within the city shall be prosecuted as misdemeanors pursuant to California Penal Code Section 594, et seq., or this chapter.
   E.   A violation of this chapter by any holder of a business license issued by the city may be grounds for revocation of such license.
(Ord. 94-04-1178 § 1 (part))