9.56.160   Right of city to remove.
   A.   Whenever the city becomes aware, or is notified and determines that graffiti is located on public or privately owned property viewable from a public or quasi-public place within the city, the city shall be authorized to use public funds for the removal or for the painting or repairing of same. The city, however, shall not be authorized or undertake to provide for the painting or repair of any more extensive area than that where the graffiti is located, unless the city manager, or designee, determines in writing that a more extensive area is required to be repainted or repaired in order to avoid aesthetic disfigurement to the neighborhood or community or unless the responsible party agrees to pay for the costs of repainting or repairing the more extensive area.
   B.   Prior to entering upon private property or property owned by a public entity other than the city, for the purposes of removal of graffiti, the city shall secure the consent of the responsible party and a release of the city from liability for private or public property damage.
(Ord. 94-04-1178 § 1 (part))