9.56.150   Graffiti attracting surface as a nuisance.
   The existence of any surfaces of a structure on any privately owned parcel of land which has been defaced with graffiti after removal more than five times in twelve months is deemed to be a nuisance, and may be abated by the city's requiring modification thereto, or to the immediate area surrounding the same, according to the provisions and due process procedures set forth in Chapter 8.12 of this code. Such modifications may include, but are not limited to retrofitting such surfaces at the expense of the property owner(s) not to exceed a total cost of five hundred dollars, or at the cost of the city at the city's option, with features or qualities as necessary to reduce the attractiveness of the surface for graffiti or as necessary to permit more convenient, expedient, or efficient removal of graffiti therefrom.
(Ord. 94-04-1178 § 1 (part))