9.56.100   Display for sale requirements.
   No person or business engaged in a commercial enterprise shall display for sale, trade or exchange, any aerosol paint container, paint stick, felt tip marker or marking pen except in an area from which the public shall be securely precluded without employee assistance. Two such acceptable methods for displaying graffiti implements for sale shall be by containment in (1) a completely enclosed cabinet or other storage device which shall be permanently affixed to a building or structure, and which shall, at all times except during access by authorized representative, remain securely locked; or (2) in an enclosed area behind a sales or service counter from which the public is precluded from entry. Nothing herein shall relieve such person or business entity from at all times complying with the requirements of California Penal Code Section 594.1(c) by posting signs as described therein.
(Ord. 94-04-1178 § 1 (part))