9.56.070   Reward.
   A.   Pursuant to Section 53069.5 of the California Government Code, the city does offer a reward in an amount as may be set by resolution of the city council, for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of any person who places graffiti upon any public or private property in the city. In the event of multiple contributions of information, the reward amount shall be divided by the city in the manner it shall deem appropriate. For the purposes of this section, diversion of the violator to a community service program, or a plea bargain to a lesser offense, shall constitute a conviction.
   B.   Claims for reward under this section shall be filed with the city in a manner specified by the city council.
   C.   No claim for a reward shall be allowed by the city council unless the city investigates and verifies the accuracy of the claim and determines that the requirements of this section have been satisfied.
   D.   The person committing the graffiti-vandalism, and if an unemancipated minor, then the parent or lawful guardian of the minor, shall be civilly liable for any reward paid pursuant to this section pursuant to the provisions of California Government Code Section 53069.5.
(Ord. 94-04-1178 § 1 (part))