9.44.050   Injury to municipal property.
   A.   Any person who injures or destroys, whether intentionally or through want of proper care, any municipal property (including, but not limited to buildings, facilities, equipment, structures, fixtures, landscaping, vehicles) is liable to the city for all damages sustained thereby.
   B.   The measure of damages shall be the cost to repair or replace the municipal property injured or destroyed, including direct and allocated costs for labor, materials, supervision, supplies, tools, taxes, transportation, legal, administrative and general expense and other indirect or overhead expenses, less credit, if any, for salvage.
   C.   The city shall charge the individual for any damages incurred under this chapter. The amount shall be due within thirty days after the date of the invoice therefor, and shall be delinquent thereafter. Penalties for delinquencies shall be assessed as provided in Sections 5.04.290 and 5.04.300 of the Signal Hill Municipal Code. The city may take all practical and reasonable steps to recover these damages and penalties, including instituting appropriate legal action.
(Ord. 90-09-1076 § 1)