9.18.040   Notice of personal liability for costs of special police services--First response and written warning.
   A.   When any loud or unruly assemblage occurs or is held on private property within the city (whether in a residential area or not), and the city police department is required to respond to the scene (whether or not in response to a citizen complaint), and the senior police officer at the scene determines that there is a threat to the public peace, health, safety or welfare, then that senior officer shall notify the owner of the premises or the person(s) in charge of the premises or the person(s) responsible for the assemblage, that they will be held personally liable for the costs of providing police personnel for the special police services necessary resulting from any subsequent police response caused by the unruly party, gathering or assemblage of persons. If that person is a minor, the parent or guardians will be held responsible for the costs of providing special police services.
   B.   Such person(s) shall be given a first warning, in the form of written notification by the police officer, that additional police department responses within a thirty-day period to the same location or address will be considered special police services subject to a police response service charge. If no owner or other adult person in charge of the premises can be located or identified at the time of the first response, or such person(s) refuses to sign a receipt of the notice, the written notice may be posted in any conspicuous outdoor location near any entrance to the premises. In such event, the owner and any other adult person in possession of the premises at the time of the response by the police may be held jointly liable for the costs of providing the special police services.
(Ord. 99-07-1259 § 1 (part))