9.18.010   Purpose and intent.
   The city finds that loud or unruly parties, gatherings or other assemblages of persons on private property within the city, or loud and unreasonable disturbances, in violation of California Penal Code Section 415, and Chapter 9.16 of the Signal Hill Municipal Code, can disturb the public peace, safety, health and welfare as to require added and extraordinary law enforcement services particularly where repeated calls for services are made and where those creating the need for services are failing to act in accordance with the lawful instructions of law enforcement officers.  It is in the best interests of the public peace, safety, health and welfare to require those persons causing the need for special law enforcement services, beyond those normally provided to the public at large, pay all or a part of any extraordinary expenses generated by their own conduct. It is in the interest of law abiding citizens that those persons generating a need for law enforcement service should pay, in part, the cost therefore.
(Ord. 99-07-1259 § 1 (part))