9.08.040   Appeals.
   A.   Any person wishing to appeal the decision(s) of the city department staff pursuant to Section 9.08.040 may appeal such decision to the Parks and Recreation Commission. The appeal must be filed in writing with the City Clerk within fourteen days of the personal service or mailing of the decision, and must specify the basis of appeal and the relief sought. The appeal shall be scheduled for hearing within two regularly scheduled meetings of the Parks and Recreation Commission, and notice of the appeal shall be provided by mail to the appellant. Appeal fees shall accompany any appeal filing in compliance with subdivision (C) of this section.
   B.   Appeals shall be heard by the Parks and Recreation Commission. The Commission may sustain, modify or overrule the decision of the City Department staff. The determination by the Parks and Recreation Commission shall be final.
   C.   The City Council shall, from time to time, by resolution, adopt or modify an appeal fee to be paid by the appellant to defray the reasonable expense of costs incidental to the administration and processing of appeals filed pursuant to this section. 
(Ord. 2013-05-1453 § 1)