8.56.010   Incorporation by reference.
   A.   Except as otherwise provided in this code, Parts 1, 2, 5, and 7 of Chapter 11.36 of the Los Angeles County Code and Articles 1 thru 6 of Part 1 of Chapter 36 of the Los Angeles County Code Environmental Health Regulations, and all appendices, tables, and indices thereto, as the same existed on September 13, 2011 (collectively hereinafter "LA County Body Art Codes"), are hereby adopted by reference and incorporated as if fully set out herein, and the provisions thereof shall be controlling within the limits of the city, pursuant to the provisions of Section 50022.1 et seq. of the California Government Code:
   B.   One copy of the LA County Body Art Codes, described in this section, has been deposited in the office of the city clerk and shall be at all times maintained by the city clerk for use and examination by the public. (Ord. 2011-10-1438, § 1 (part), 2011)