8.10.050   Penalties.
   The Los Angeles County Solid Waste Ordinance contains certain penalty clauses which, pursuant to Section 50022.4 of the California Government Code, are set forth in full herein as follows:
   Section 205. Failure to Obtain Permit.
      Every person who engages in waste collection and solid waste facility activities for which a permit is required by this ordinance is guilty of a misdemeanor if:
      (a) The person does so without having obtained a permit and having paid the required fee, or
      (b) If such person obtained a permit but has failed to pay the annual operating fee, or the permit has subsequently expired or been suspended, or revoked, or denied.
   Section 910. Civil Penalty.
      (a) Any person who operates a solid waste facility except as permitted by a solid waste facility permit, or who owns a disposal site and intentionally or negligently causes or permits the operator of such disposal site to violate a solid waste facilities permit or to operate such disposal site without a solid waste facilities permit, or who intentionally or negligently violates any standard adopted by the Board for the storage or removal of solid waste, shall be subject to civil penalty not to exceed One Thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for each day such violation or operation occurs.
      (b) The attorney authorized to act on behalf of the enforcement agency, at the request of the enforcement agency, shall petition the Superior Court to impose, assess, and recover the sums provided in Subdivision (a).
      (c) Remedies under this section are in addition to and do not supersede or limit, any other remedies, civil or criminal.
(Ord. 19-11-837 § 1 (part))