8.08.070   Unauthorized collection prohibited.
   No person shall collect and dispose of refuse except for city employees or contractor, unless:
   A.   The person is licensed and holds a permit to collect hazardous wastes or prohibited wastes as defined by this chapter; or
   B.   The person is licensed and holds a permit to collect dead animals, biological waste, refuse from locations where highly infectious diseases are present, including, but not limited to, medical wastes; or
   C.   The refuse items are of such size, weight or bulk that they exceed the capacity of the contractor's regular equipment and/or manpower normally used in refuse collection; or
   D.   Limbs, branches, clippings, soil or other plant materials generated by professional gardeners, landscape contractors or persons removing such materials from the property they occupy; or
   E.   The person is duly authorized by the city manager in writing, in the event of an emergency, to provide for refuse collection;
   F.   The debris is from construction or demolition and is being self-hauled by the contractor performing the construction or demolition operations.
   G.   The person or debris is specifically authorized for collection and disposal of refuse or recyclable materials pursuant to the terms of the city's franchise contract.
(Ord. 2010-05-1415 § 9: Ord. 98-01-1229 § 7: Ord. 90-11-1082 § 1 (part))